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Strong Atheism Explained

Strong Atheism is the proposition that we should not suspend judgment about the non-existence of a god or gods. More extensively, it is a positive position against theistic values, semantics and anti-materialism, a rational inquiry in the nature of religious thought, a new way of thinking about religious and spiritual issues.

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December 6th – Update to Christian to English Translation

November 23rd – New article : Strong and weak, positive and negative – my change of position

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What's obvious enough today is that despite fundamental disagreements, common sceptics and theists have a certain number of things in common that would threaten to cast constructive philosophy and science into minority support. This website, while host to many different viewpoints, aims to provide a rational alternative to such positions by making a case for what we can broadly call "constructive naturalism", including metaphysical realism, materialism, scientific inquiry, and moral objectivity.

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